• About Company

    Founded in July 2015.    We are the innovative Ukrainian manufacturers of high-quality and environmentally friendly products made from white birch. To process and produce our products we use only natural and certified wood. During this short time we have managed to build a global team of 12 creative professional like – minded people. We work with You and for You.We estimate our mission in effort to decorate your every day life. Our goal is to render the simplicity, easeness and convenience to your leisure time. We aim to improve your vacation, freeing up more time for spending with family and friends, sentimental and dearest to heart places, funny and memorable moments of life. And let the whole World rest with Us.Processing of raw materials and productionare located in Kiev region.Warehouse and packing station are located in Kiev. EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS.     Our innovative long burning stumps aremade from white birch. They successfully combine age-old experience of world nations and innovative technologies . They are easy - to - use and aesthetically pleasing . They correspond to contemporary standards and are safe for the environment. Why actuallythe Birch? Because of its: high thermal conductivity, pleasant exterior and nonpolluting.    We produce 3 unique longtime burning stumps: "Finnish candle", "Taiga candle"and "Wild Fire".Areas of application: Active weekends - Cooking delicious and plain food. For fireplaces. INDUSTRIAL DESIGN.    Wood is a natural and pliant material that can shame up a variety of substantive forms and looks absolutely natural in different colors. It retains heat and has a calming effect. The interior is dominating by wood texture, is more rational and comfortable than a design with numerous "non-living" materials, such as plastic or metal. Wood notes can be used in many design looks, starting from the modern Classic to Hi tech,Loft, Provence, Shabby chic, Scandinavian style, Art Deco, Country, Etno style and even Minimalism. It is important to properly arrange accents on natural wood. Wood style is always relevant in its own way. Wood is a kind of "wow-factor” in the interior. In the process of production, we always pay attention to fun shapes wood, created by nature itself, and we add just a piece of our soul. Characteris like a tree and reputation like a shadow. "The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. By Abraham Lincoln"